Check these four design tips before submitting files

Dreaming in CMYK

Yesterday, my girl Katherine Tattersfield featured a guest post of mine on’s blog about what prepress does to your files once they receive them from you. (Thanks so much, Katherine!)

I wanted to take a minute and add some additional thoughts to that post on what you should consider when depending designing your next printed piece.

Rich Blacks

You’ve heard me talk about the differences in black in printing before. If you’re designing a piece that has a massive black background, you need to make sure you’re utilizing a rich black instead of just the 100% K value in your color settings.

Not sure what I mean? Create a box and make the color value C: 0%, M: 0%, Y: 0% and K: 100%. Duplicate that box, but change your values to C: 50% M: 40% Y: 40% and K: 100%. Then, print that document out on your (color)…

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