4 Amazing Things Adults Can Learn From Children

Forget about seminars, webinars or trade shows – we can learn the most from children! Let’s think back to our childhood when everything was simple; when every new experience was in one word…AMAZING!

We are born with all the tools necessary to live a successful and happy life, yet somewhere along our journey some of these tools are forgotten. Now, consider your present life as an adult. Most days are great and end without complaint. But then there are the days when nothing seems to go as planned and your whole day is consumed with negative thoughts.

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Do you think a baby even knows what negative thoughts are? Seriously, I can’t imagine a baby thinking “I hate the noise of this rattle, it is so annoying.”. Their thought process is much simpler than that – they think in the present moment. There are many things we can learn from children if we could just stop for a moment and pay attention. Here are a few that come to mind:

1. Stay Curious
Ask questions! Kids are famous for asking questions! Who? What? Where? When? Why? At one time or another, you’ve heard any one of these most commonly asked questions by kids. Their brains crave new knowledge and information so they can continue on their journey to figure out life.

When you realize you’ve lost the urge to think creatively or question your purpose, your world quickly becomes just you inside a box – extremely boring. Kids are very passionate about life and nothing stops them from living in the present moment. Learning is always fun so why not incorporate this into your life every day. Don’t be afraid to stay curious – it will only enhance every situation in your life!

2. Keep An Open Mind
Be positive even when you feel like you can’t. Smile even if it hurts. Doing these things every time you feel down is certain to bring you back up. Adults tend to focus more on what we have learned allowing for a very limited view on life, also neglecting the possibilities that could empower us to achieve more.

A child’s brain on the other hand is open to new opportunities to learn new things and experience delight in the world. Tapping into this open-minded thinking is an easy way to improve your life in both a personal and business aspect.

3. Laugh – A LOT
Go ahead, make a funny face or noise and you are guaranteed to get a child to laugh. Do the same thing to your boss, and well, maybe not the same reaction. Kids are always looking for a reason to laugh and be happy. Just the thought of a baby giggling is sure to make anyone smile.

It would do us all some good to take away the schedules, deadlines and commitments and laugh a little more. The time you spend seeing the humor in life will only have a positive outcome for when you get back to work.

4. Never Quit
Try and try again. At any given time in a child’s life, they are working towards a milestone. Whether it is sitting up, crawling, walking or throwing a ball – these are huge accomplishments if you think about it. The persistence it takes is unimaginable.

So imagine a baby giving up on walking? Never gonna happen! They have it in their mind that they can accomplish anything – they have no doubt. Believe you can achieve greatness, because it all starts with YOU! Put in the effort and everything is sure to fall into place.


You see, children are certainly a valuable learning tool we can all use as adults. We just need to take the time to observe children in action and we will all learn some great life lessons.


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