The honest truth about time…and why we always need more!

As a new work from home business owner and mother of 2, one of the downfalls I’m quickly realizing is I am NEVER OFF THE CLOCK! Some might say “well, you should have known this was going to happen”. Okay, okay yeah I thought it was going to happen but I also thought it wasn’t going to happen.

The thought of running my own business was like landing on “cloud 9” and being my own boss sounded so amazing! I mean most of the time it is pretty amazing and I have nothing to complain about. But being that I am the sole owner and employee of my business, I have to be the one that does it all – graphic design, promoting, marketing, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc.

Wearing all the hats to make my business run, along with all the hats to make my house run can sometimes be slightly overwhelming.

Brixel Creative - Maine Graphic Designer

My decision to start my own graphic design business was the best for me and my family, however there are always pros and cons to any decision, business or personal. I absolutely love being my own boss, yet this great accomplishment is also a balancing act that comes with a lot of stress and late night tweeting. The never-ending task list for my business is added on to my regular daily tasks associated with being a mother and wife.

I find it hard to stop working not realizing it is dinner time and I am responsible for cooking. I find it hard to stop working when the laundry starts to pile up. I find it hard to stop working when the house needs vacuuming or the dishes need to be done. And although my family is willing to help out with all these tasks, they are also busy with their lives too – work, baseball practice, art class, school, homework, etc.

It didn’t take me long to realize there are only 24hrs in the day and everything cannot and will not be done within this time frame. On my most overwhelming days, I find comfort knowing there are probably millions of other moms out there juggling their business life with their mom life. And when life pulls me in 19 different directions, I know I’m not alone. As time goes on I know it will get better and running my own business will get easier. I have to allow myself to prioritize what needs to get done first on both the business side and personal side.

What I know now is this: if my house is not running smoothly, my business will not run smoothly either.

I am never off the clock and I have to make peace with this. For right now I will just push through and be the rock star entrepreneur I know I can be. Because at the end of the day, family always comes before business and most of the time it can wait until tomorrow.


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