For the Love of iPhone

As a work from home business owner, mother of 2, and winner of the “Best Wife Award” for 12 straight years, I tend to reach for my iPhone when I need a moment of sanity. I mean it’s the only ME time I seem to be able to find these days. Between work, kid’s activities, house cleaning, laundry (blah, blah, blah), women tend to need alone time to decompress after a long day. Maybe men don’t need this time, but in order for us to stay somewhat sane, this time is a must.

For the Love of iPhone - Brie + Pixel New Blog Post -

Think about this: name one person who doesn’t love the iPhone? Ok well, maybe Droid users. But seriously, I feel like the iPhone was somehow created as a relaxation tool. After a long day at work or home with the kids, you look forward to that moment when you can relax on the couch and just sit there – doing nothing but using your iPhone. It’s a great feeling, right?!?!

Whether you’re checking Facebook, scrolling through your Twitter feed or pinning children’s party ideas on Pinterest, sometimes there is nothing better than your one-on-one time with your iPhone. Honestly, I don’t think you could get the same feeling from a Droid. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never owned one. And call me crazy, but it doesn’t seem like the owners of any other smartphone out there have the same “love at first sight” feeling like those that have iPhones.

For me, my iPhone is heaven sent – it is irreplaceable – it keeps me sane – it had me at hello – it completes me. By now you might be thinking it’s a little silly to talk about a smartphone like this. Well to this I say, there’s a very good possibility it’s not me that’s weird, maybe it’s you.


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