When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.
– Steve Jobs


Being a graphic designer you have your really creative days and your not so creative days.  You have to have thick skin and learn to take professional criticism. And if you get poor feedback on one design, you have to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move on. Learning not to dwell on the past is an important skill that all successful graphic designers must learn to master.  In some instances the title “graphic designer” has become a generic term given to anyone with Photoshop installed on their laptop.  Unfortunately it’s a little more complicated than that – you must know the history of design, technical aspects of design and be able to answer the how and why of your designs.

But there are times you need more than just creative programs and knowledge of history- you need inspiration. And  I know I’m not alone when there are days I don’t feel creative. Awful, right? Then of course something inside me whispers “hey wait you are creative…look what you’ve accomplished” and of course I move on. So in the end just because being creative might be second nature, sometimes you really don’t know where it comes from.  It is just something you see.


One thought on “Creativity…

  1. The thing about being a good specialist is that you make things look easy. Its hard for others to see in your seamless success the long nights, the prototypes, and the uptight suspense when a project is put to the test.


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