If you could describe happiness in one word, what would it be?


Well, another week in the books and another week closer to warmer weather (at least here in Maine). I’ve always wondered what it is about Fridays that makes everyone so happy.  Sure it’s the end of the work week, but it’s still a work day. I’m sure you’ve passed that same unhappy person every morning at the coffee shop. The day doesn’t matter for them…they are just unhappy for one reason or another. But why is that? What could possibly make someone so unhappy day in and day out?

And then there are the people that are just naturally happy no matter what happens in their lives (you know who you are). Why are they always happy? Did they just decide one day “yup, this is it…for the rest of m life I’m going to just be happy” or is it more complicated.  Our thoughts definitely effect how we process negativity and whether or not it will ruin the rest of our day. There could be one thing that happens in the morning and suddenly your whole day turns out horrible…one thing after another. I know there is not one single person on this planet that has not had a day like that!

The fact that we are all very different and think differently, makes how we process those negative moments also very different. So it’s up to you to decide in that negative moment how you will insert happiness and replace the bad with good. Maybe your happiness is sipping your morning coffee uninterrupted, watching the sunrise, taking a walk, hugging your kids, reading a book or just sitting quietly. If any of these allow your thoughts to wander and replace negativity with happiness, make sure to incorporate this one thing into your life every day. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it!

Your thoughts, whether positive or negative, will be reflected into your every action so decide right now which thoughts you want to focus on and which ones should be thrown out the door. Happiness cannot be replaced with any other feeling and in my opinion it is the only feeling we should all have…everyday.

If you could describe happiness in one word or phrase, what would it be? I’ll go first: SUNSHINE! Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment below…I’d love to know!


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