Quick Tips to Turn Your Staff into Your Biggest Fan

Research shows that usually only 1/3 of a company’s employees at any given time are completely committed to the brand they are selling. Now I’m not saying the other 2/3 are out to sabotage your company and cause it to close its doors. More often, the staff of any business unfortunately are not self-motivated and therefore need a little day-to-day coaching. Below I’ll go over 3 quick tips to help encourage your staff to become your biggest fan.

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Quick Tip #1: First and foremost, make sure your staff agrees with your brand’s message and promise – more importantly they should be buying into your brand as individuals. Recognize that your fan base not only includes your customers but more importantly your staff. You need to win over the hearts of your employees first, which in turn will create priceless word of mouth marketing and turns them into your biggest fan.

Quick Tip #2: Almost half of your clients will remain loyal to a company because they offer great service. So who provides this great service? Your staff of course! Add incentives or monthly achievement levels within the company will give them something to strive for and thus increasing sales and your bottom line. They need to act as the company’s “cheerleader” but you have to coach them to get there. Keeping a positive environment for your staff is the best thing you could do to encourage them to succeed.

Quick Tip #3: Make sure your staff knows they are part of something GREAT! Involve your staff with future projections and where the business is going, along with how it will get there. Positive engagement creates a sense of belonging when each employee hears a message, believes that message and then acts upon it. Additionally, providing your staff with the proper skills and necessary training will drive your brand forward. Make sure management is involved in the daily activities of the staff – nothing worse is the stuck up manager that checks in with its staff every Monday morning and that’s it. Frequent involvement of management on all levels will form the necessary bond to keep the focus on the brand and provide staff with a constant appreciation of the company they work for.

Each company is unique, as is their brand or message. Remember: your people are your brand – take hold of your brand to ensure your staff are playing on the same team.


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