“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine — it’s lethal.”

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine — it’s lethal.

Nobody wants to be stuck in a rut…that makes everyone unhappy! So my question for today is: are your business graphics stuck in a rut? Do they need help getting out of this rut? It’s OK to admit, sometimes the image of your business gets overlooked. Maybe you thought your image looked “cool” or “welcoming”, but in turn it has been looked at as a disaster! You must consider this image of how you portray your business to your consumers or clients could make or break their decision to work with you or move on to the next guy. The image of your business should be the first aspect of selling your business whether you are offering a service or product.

Your task for today: analyze how your business image is helping or hurting the bottom line.  And if you need help, just ask!

Contact me today!

Phone: (207) 333-1131
Email: brie@brixelcreative.com



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